The King of Fighters '99 Arrange Sound

The King of Fighters '99 Arrange Sound:

1.  Burning DNA (Intro) 
2.  KD-0079 (Heroes Team Theme) 
3.  176th Street (Fatal Fury Team Theme) 
4.  Ryu-Ko (Art of Fighting Team Theme) 
5.  W.W.III (Ikari Warriors Team Theme) 
6.  Psycho Sonic Trip Team (Psycho Soldiers Team Theme) 
7.  Sha-La-La (Women Fighters Team Theme) 
8.  The Way to Rebirth (Korea Team Theme) 
9.  ESAKA ~Acid Mix~ (Kyo-1 & Kyo-2 Theme) 
10. Mechanical Bliss (Krizalid First Match theme)
11. Dear Falling Angel (Krizalid Second Match theme) 
12. Tears (Kyo Kusanagi theme) 
13. Sadistic Eyes (Iori Yagami theme) 

14. Cross Fire (Staff Roll) 

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